No finer politics

No finer politics


Dear friends, let us consider Christ as we walk together on the snarled pathways of our electoral process.


Not Christ as the subject of a particular religion, but Christ as the spirit of love, decency, justice, and compassion. May these be guiding principles of our democracy.


We need to find our true hearts again as a nation in which we aspire together to a finer shared humanity. The “better angels of our nature” are not to be coarse, to have a casual relationship to violence, to be mesmerized by big money, to sweep away people in need, to contemplate torture, to be addicted to power at all costs. Nor – and this is most important – are we a people of fear. We are, at our best, generous, open-hearted, strong, and willing to work hard together to make things good. We are, at our best, a “greatest generation” right now. Let us live into that destiny.


The world will not collapse if one candidate or another loses. The world is in more danger, however, if we give in to fear, just stay at home, and let intemperate and ill-considered voices rule the streets.


But we are not that kind of people. Let us once again find our way out of our houses, find our way to collaborations that matter: collaborations of generosity, and public well-being. We are all in this together. Let us learn again the great works of shared public life.


May love, decency, justice, and compassion be our watchwords. May we be a people of whom it will be said “No finer time; no finer generation.”



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